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The Streetlights

For months the streets were dark, streetlights disconnected Citizens were shadows, businesses uneventful Difficult to see as one rides through the city. Cathedral security  and vehicle high beams the only light puncturing the dark. The streetlights are back on now … Continue reading

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Lost Child –Found on the porch

One cold, morning moment she walked unto the porch After a night alone? Overcome with life follies she collapsed Fell to her knees Then slumped to the side Hitting her head on the cement She lay there as the snow covered … Continue reading

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It is a January Michigan morning Cold pierces your lungs taking your breathe away bundled woolen windows defrosted complete in comfort I start my commute road open wide before rush hour I fly pass transport trucks quickly deposited into the … Continue reading

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The drive to work

The exit signs glow green and white they point to urban streets indicating  my ride in from the suburbs is almost complete. Up the ramp I go, under the viaduct scanning for any misadventure stumbling in the dark. The 1920s … Continue reading

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