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willows on the wane

Towering twin willows lush golden crowns Glowed against the backdrop of the fall sky Cascades of branches flowed to the lawn Testimony of  longevity Circumference, 100 inches An inch for each year of life Lumbering 40 feet above the creek Treasures … Continue reading

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Competitive Fall

The competition has started on every hillside, yard, and dale Color bursts are  simply vying for attention Maroon, orange, red, and golden displays Are now hoping for most mentioned. See the influence of sugar sap Amidst the glorious maple forests … Continue reading

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September Wish

Rusty cedar needles carpet the forest floor Grey brown torsos harbor many mushroom spore Season has changed sings the lively wood thrush Wild turkeys scatter through the underbrush Cool wind blows leaves crimson and gold Sun filters through warming the cold … Continue reading

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Green plants clutched by moist earth. Pines lifting branches seeking the sun. Unharvested walnuts shellacing the ground. Mums bursting foxgloves waning seeds dropping. Cool air misting the morning. Fog sneaks in at night. Geese cry southward interrupting flight. Gasping leaves … Continue reading

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