Funeral Rose

Funeral rose

The placement of the floral arrangements

The arrangement of seating

The entire superficial etiquette

The copious explanations of the day’s behavior

Will never take away the stench

Of your compulsion

To deny others

To control the outcome

To lie, steal, and profit.

To speak a fistful of hate.

The discomfort after death remains

As birthdays and holidays

Come and go,

You will always be connected

Linked arm and arm

Down a dark trail

Of discovering

The coffin held the rose.




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Not that kind of Woman Haiku

Barn Haikus

In the western field
The old barn stands and echoes
The glowing sunset.

A week of shuffling
Spinning and weaving carrots
Republican wrought.



Headache in the morn
Going through the motions then
Geez. Pants on backwards.

I am getting old
My memory is a mist
But I still persist.

The sky is blue grey.
Brown grey branches
Sway to dawn.

I will never be,
I’m not that kind of woman
Even at sunset.

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Dandelion Haiku

Dandelion Haiku

Dandelions nod
Like grandmother approvals
Encouraging love.

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Pink Tulip Haiku

Pink Tulip Haiku

Lone pink tulip stands
Leading violets to heaven
In the wind and rain.

Note:  A month after my mother passed, I was sitting outside just missing her, I scanned my yard and saw something pink in the distance.  Thinking it was a piece of paper I went to pick it up.  There it was, a pink tulip in the middle of the yard.  I had not planted tulips in over 20 years,  I will Believe it was there to let me know she was with me.

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Saturday Haiku ~ Collection of Six

Saturday Haiku

Legacy is passed
Forward through love and patience
A smile remembered.

Beatles haiku:
I want to tell you
That life is Helter Skelter
And your bird can sing:)

I’m late for haiku
New England visit delayed
A Concord response.

Beautiful blue
Sky covering now waning
To twilight’s colors.

Ancestor’s vase cracks
As infamy tarnishes
Name and memory.

Tulips-saturday haiku

Buddy tulips wave
To tomorrow’s morning dew
Bye to yesterday.

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Mr. Cat

Mr Cat2

Guardian of hanging bird feeders

Posted at each front corner

Full of corn kernels and sunflower seed

Mr. Cat paces the pocked cement porch.

The gray is his territory, his safe haven.

He spies the daily interloper returning

But waits steady, tail barely twitching then

The wild chase is on as the thief shows tail

Scatters up the maple, scolding young lad.

Mr. Cat returns to the gray triumphant

Hunkers down in the sun ready to nap

Ignoring treetop chatter yet

Keeping one eye on the maple.

Burglar’s scout signals that a sleepy eye shut

Quick as a wink the prize is nabbed.

There is laughter in the wind and purring in the sun.





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Dawn presses against brittle bark

Snuggles into the curved shadows of leaves unfolding

Creatures awaken with squawks and chirps

Soon a crescendo of voices sing

There is breakfast to fetch

Be it seed or nectar

As clouds roll in and lay heavy

Activity escalates

As impending rain makes its mark.

Until that time, I will walk on

Contemplating historic creatures

Wakening to a new day.



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