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The Victorian

The Victorian was stately, impressive in the yard Many other features were listed on the sales card Obvious potential for those with a good eye and a steady hand Investing all his life savings, he decided to take a stand. … Continue reading

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Black hair matted, curls tangled Brown eyes bleak Brow furrowed Neck stiff Limbs aching After many miles running. Lonesome heart aching Ravenous stomach growling Drenched Feet pulsing Stress mounting When friends are not found. Unfamiliar places panic Ears echo profanity … Continue reading

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City Story

Smoke stacks and caustic chemical storage tanks Usher in the skyline of the city, A former haven of progress When prosperity was so plentiful Material waste was never considered. Industry and retail have fled White collar wages reduced City employees … Continue reading

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She is polarized. Self-directed choices are carefully defined: Cheap indulgences, inward limits, Careful controls, weak responsibilities. Creativity drips, aches for release. Learned responses direct her survival, etch her path, freeze her growth. Alone she faces the wind, grapples with the … Continue reading

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She closes the door behind her the stress unwinds, unwraps free falls to the floor. Moving inward, she assesses: No damage, windows secure. The pretense melts as she moves with time-honored tradition dressed in forced ritual she escapes and she … Continue reading

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The trains burst through the backyards Followed the river’s path Brushed by forest growth Season after season Dependable interruptions You could set your watch to Igniting adventure dreams Riding hometown teams Sent boys off to war Took lovers afar A … Continue reading

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