Gone, the young man

Gone, the strong oak and the acorn

Gone, the young man

Stood strong in the battle

With family by his side

Wistful determination blanketed his bed

Eventually succumbing; knowing life was

Not to be–Gone, the young man

Young wife inconsolable

Pulling on husband’s life string

Aches for possibilities yet

Exhausted from the struggle

Insecure of her surroundings

Disturbing doubt blankets her bed

Ponders future, past, and present

Not to be–Gone, the young man.

Sensible father in wide-eyed dismay

Bypasses faith and formal funeral functions

Wants to run and hide and wonder

Remembering young man’s younger  days

Years pass slowly in his mind

As he accepts the final call:

Not to be–Gone, the young man.

About Poetry Road/Marty Goes to Mars

Poetry storage, genealogy research and tribute to my grandson with Down Syndrome . Creativity is my outlet--expressions in acrylics, accomplished quilter , doll maker and writer. Please visit my shop sites. Thank you for stopping in!
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