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Blind Faith

She wouldn’t tell me That she didn’t understand, She did not see me through her rose-blown eyes She did not hear me through the useless rhetoric She adapts to her circumstances accepting lies She is swayed by religious dynamics and … Continue reading

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Colour Wheels

Green eyes stare wondering through blue sky, Blue eyes stare empty looking on past memories, Blond hair hanging down, Brown hair frizzing in the heat. Breathless restlessness Blacks out the Red fire of love.

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Black Night/Blue Petals

Black night will welcome a grey morning, Awake while blush tints wash the purple skies. A blood-orange orb will pulse through the haze. Pines will shiver in the Smoky Mountains. Student prophecies will resound of past lectures. Stylish stick pins … Continue reading

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Thalidomide March

Note: I wanted this to sound like a goose step march and the readers to remember the name of the manufacturer of Thalidomide–hence the repetition. Grunenthal, Grunenthal March on in goose step plunders Grunenthal, Grunenthal Forever linked to Nazi medical wonders … Continue reading

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Architecture Spectre

An architecture spectre is angled along the avenue, The Tudor Revival build held rooms with a Palmer Park view A quick walk to the Ford Model T plant, it was erected in 1925. Weidmaier & Gay’s creation is but a phantom now, barely able to … Continue reading

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Whistly Bird

Blue green whistly bird hops near the garden wall he does not see the sly, tabby cat hunkering way down low. Blue green whistly bird intent on nibbling found breakfast does not hear his partner’s call. Come closer thinks the … Continue reading

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Blue-black memories

She whispers My love He looks thinking when will you see I am not yours. She sees My love Remembering the way he looked. Blue-black memories dim melt in the shadows pelted by past time askewed till never does she … Continue reading

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