Dawn presses against brittle bark

Snuggles into the curved shadows of leaves unfolding

Creatures awaken with squawks and chirps

Soon a crescendo of voices sing

There is breakfast to fetch

Be it seed or nectar

As clouds roll in and lay heavy

Activity escalates

As impending rain makes its mark.

Until that time, I will walk on

Contemplating historic creatures

Wakening to a new day.



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Two Daughter Dungeon Dance


dungeon dance

Like ants crawling over a carcass

Or gulls swooping in for a morsel

They came

Not in a colony or flock

Just two

Daughters on the edge

Unable to carry the weight of transition

The clinging to normalcy

The security in surroundings

Decision to dismiss

Mother dungeon bound.

Now death has that chapter ended

What lingers is the Denial Dance.

On the anniversary of my mom transported to a nursing home on the bad list. My mother was crushed. The decision created a hurricane of deceit and thievery; theirs to remember and justify.

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Two Daughter Haiku

two daughter haiku

Rooted bloom flowers

Slowly withers wrenched from plot

Justice leaves flower.

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Allison Arrived

allison arrived

Fresh breeze

Steeled determination


Eased worry


Instilled confidence


Furnished love

Compound provisions

Toward transition pending

She gathered the vestiges

Until Crisis kidnapped

And Hope was lost.

In honor of my mothers caretaker who was willing to embrace the inevitable but whose support was eventually denied during an ill fated home removal.

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Abandoned Bird Nest

bird nest

He staggers to an abandoned bird nest

Discards the feathers that remain

Hunkers down to view the damage

Reflected from his caustic brain

Series of chain reactions

Over time has bled out

His abuse had come early.

He knows, there is no doubt.

Prey buried that truth,

Stepped clearly aside,

Spoiled the landscape

so no other abide.

Seasoned hurt and shame

forever inward synced.

Prey sees the outcome

never will be linked.


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Mr. Cat

Poetry Road

Mr Cat2

Guardian of hanging bird feeders

Posted at each front corner

Full of corn kernels and sunflower seed

Mr. Cat paces the pocked cement porch.

The gray is his territory, his safe haven.

He spies the daily interloper returning

But waits steady, tail barely twitching then

The wild chase is on as the thief shows tail

Scatters up the maple, scolding young lad.

Mr. Cat returns to the gray triumphant

Hunkers down in the sun ready to nap

Ignoring treetop chatter yet

Keeping one eye on the maple.

Burglar’s scout signals that a sleepy eye shut

Quick as a wink the prize is nabbed.

There is laughter in the wind and purring in the sun.

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Call of the Serpent-Remember When

remember2Slithering in on a quick call

                      – Chit chat

– Admonishment of behavior

.= Remember When

Nailing the point —

Pimped to the neighborhood

Then gotta go

No time to listen 

Slithering away

Casting off the aggression

Remember When…

She was silent

Remember When…

She numbered the times

Now take that memory 

Let it linger 

Simmer in truth 



To Never Call Her Again.





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Extended Haiku


The true loneliness

When disregard impacts you

Slicing connections

There is a freedom

To blaze a new trail alone

With no stored control

They may remember

Within their own feign logic

But without wisdom!

Skirt the promises

Leave behind the familiar

Embrace a new way.

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