Dawn presses against brittle bark

Snuggles into the curved shadows of leaves unfolding

Creatures awaken with squawks and chirps

Soon a crescendo of voices sing

There is breakfast to fetch

Be it seed or nectar

As clouds roll in and lay heavy

Activity escalates

As impending rain makes its mark.

Until that time, I will walk on

Contemplating historic creatures

Wakening to a new day.



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Sonnet by the Creek

By the creek sonnet

The explorer boy crawled over creek beds

Champion of rocket ships and stars

Contemplating fire flies and turtle heads

With  other boys dreamt of baseball and cars.

They chased each other on bikes down the road

To be the first to reach the friendly wood

Spending hours searching for home of toad

Laughing at the sun as boys always should.

Never a worry, never any care

Searching for hidden treasure, never found

Though knew the robin nest and the fox lair

Through these adventures,   they’ll always be bound.

Let nature’s freedom gently shape the boy,

As a man, he will remember the joy.

by the creek 2


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Laddie Sonnet


Laddie, Guardian of the garden

Overseer of the hanging bird feeders

Is not likely to abide nor pardon

Sassy Squirrel interlopes or leaders.

From warm cement porch to daylily patch

Lad Dog  daily waits and sets the pace

Intent squirrel leaders plan  walnut  tree snatch

Interloper’s watching Lad’s droopy face.

Leader’s scout signals a sleepy eye is shut

Tree top chatter quiets with paws in motion

Interloper quickly steals treasured nut

 Startled  Lad barks, sets off a commotion.

Squirrels scatter up the oak, scolding young Lad.
Triumphant Lad returns to warm gray pad.

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Whistly Bird Sonnet

Mr Cat2Blue green whistly bird hops by the stone wall
There is sly, tabby cat hunkered down low.
Blue green whistly bird ignores partner’s call
Come closer thinks the tabby, tail wagging slow

Blue green whistly bird  joined by wren and jay
In the morning light,  tabby considers all
Blue green whistly bird steps near tabby’s way
Tabby’s hind end ready to jump quite tall.

Blue green whistly bird spies the tabby’s twitch

Hungry cat pounces, paws reaching through air

Blue green whistly bird warns with danger’s pitch.

Silly tabby lands without a meal to share.

Blue green whistly bird will find breakfast soon.

Tabby’s will be later this afternoon.



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Sonnet in the yard


Orange whisks the edges of the fall moon’s light

Red burning bush shivers with frost’s first kiss

Silver fairies pirouette bold and bright

Peer through the glass or this sight you will miss.

Taupe yearlings allonge for wild berry bits

Brown cattails dos-a dos  as the creek flows

Maroon mother fox chasses with her kits

Dancers prepare for the midnight yard shows.

Choir rehearses with owl and blue jay

Joining woodpecker and baritone frog.

Cricket violins and wasp trumpets play

Mist curtain rises near the old oak log.

Never forget there are wonders to see.

After the finale,  share them with me..



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summer bonfire for a gathering

Flames subsiding

I wade through the ashes

Taking care to step over the embers

Searching for new fuel for the fire

Sticks and logs outside the central burn

I rake in bits of maple

Locate a hunk of walnut

Find bark and dried weeds

Haphazardly I toss

Spreading the offerings

Through the firepit

The burn flashes red and orange again

Melting leaves and wood into hot embers

Sending smoke signals to the sky

Capturing my gaze

it is majestic

it is fury

it lulls me

In this prehistoric ritual

I find peace.



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Let my hope rise

From the weeds

With the fireflies.

Let them light a path through the thickets.

Let my hope rise

From the thickets

With the morning mist.

Let the dew dispense the darkness.

Let my hope rise

From the pine boughs

Leap with the chickadee.

Let the birdsong bring joy.

Let my hope rise

From the treetops.

Soar with the eagle.

Let freedom rise.



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Heart Cloud

Heart cloud

How much energy can one expend on hate?

Pulling an anchor of misinformation

Weighing perceived indiscretions

Lingering on imagined slights.

How much energy can one spend on sadness?

Feet wet in a puddle of tears

Heart shelved and coated with guilt

Memories locked in rewind.

How much energy can one spend on love?

Ask the heart cloud as it wisps reach out

It is a breathe, a sigh, a glance, a smile

Acceptance: it is easy.

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Morning Mourning

I wake in the morning

Catch a glimpse of the day

I wonder what you are doing

Are you sleeping or on your way?

Did you start your coffee brewing

Or are you lingering in bed?

Remembering all those moments

When I saw the first lift of your head.

You would squint with one eye open

Check the hour of the day,

Stretch and coil your arm around

And ask me to stay.

Those days have long been over

But etched deep in my heart

As I waken in the morning now

And wonder where you are

My heart gently reminds me

You have no coffee brewing

You have no gentle sigh

You are not squinting at the world

But surrendered to it’s cry.

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Please Come With Me

I am headed to the snow hills

Headed for some fun

All of us are coming

Won’t you come along?

We will wade in white wonder

Ride along with a song

See the grand oaks standing

Where a sled run should belong.

Please, please come with me.

I am going to the Appalachins

Where the two Virginia’s meet

Lodging with a steadfast family

Won’t you come along?

We can watch the mountain music

To dance and not stand still

Hear the avalanche of fallen leaves

Skip down a Blue Ridge hill

Please, please come with me.

I am leaving for the Western States

To the canyons and the foothills

The tent is in the truck bed

Won’t you come along?

We can watch the sun rays glisten

Crescendo over cool river refrain

Where the sandstone is whittled

By the wind and by the rain

Please, please come with me

The Sunshine state is calling

Gotta go where the lizards run.

No jet plane for this boy,

Won’t you come along?

We will breathe in ocean sunsets

Sleep along the Key shores

Explore all the history

Could we ask for more

Please, please come with me.

I have left to find another

I cannot take you this time

You see there is something waiting

I can feel it, down the line

Stay and grow so distant

I can’t see you in my mind

But I will always remember

That once you were my bride.

I landed in Colorado

In the city a mile high

The years have not been gentle

Without you by my side

Song and laughter are muted now

And I cannot see the rain

Though I feel the snow gently falling

As I meet each day to day

I am headed to old heaven’s door

I sense it is open for me

I will try and linger a while

Won’t you come with me?

We can watch the minutes drop fast

And then the seconds too

Never will we know someone

Who shapes our hearts so true

Please, please come with me.

We will dance among the moon beams

Spinning as slow as starlings do

We can contemplate the turtle

Know the snow white dove

I will always love you

Watching from above.

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The Light

Image result for soft glow

Soft glow hums a melody to my soul

Warms the steps taken to reside

Swirls joy and patience together

Nudges confidence to take a risk

Reminds me that I am loved

Removes blame and guilt

To be remembered no more

Casts out shame

Calls for the child within

To be compassionate

Embraces strangers

Sprinkles opportunity

Grants deepest desires

Heals, yes heals

Cures, restores!

Limitless Love


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