Dawn presses against brittle bark

Snuggles into the curved shadows of leaves unfolding

Creatures awaken with squawks and chirps

Soon a crescendo of voices sing

There is breakfast to fetch

Be it seed or nectar

As clouds roll in and lay heavy

Activity escalates

As impending rain makes its mark.

Until that time, I will walk on

Contemplating historic creatures

Wakening to a new day.



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What time is it?

As a boy he learned to be on time

Tend the stove, feed the chickens

Eat breakfast, off to school.

Keenly aware his time

Was not his own.

As a young man he had to be on time

Start the car, punch the clock

Do the job, return home

Knowing full well his time

Others required

When he retired he still asked

What time is it?

Searching for an opportunity

A reason to move on

To the next task.

As the time to transition came

He waited a while, he lingered

Ensuring others knew

He loved them all.

What time is it?

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Blue Skies

This blue sky embraces the horizon

Nestling the dips of the valley

Whispering to the mountain peaks

This blue sky

Peeks through the pines

Directs the sun to the birches

This blue sky

Holds violet whispers in the morning

White clouds at noon

Grey smoke at dusk.

This blue sky

Is a familiar embrace

A reminder of time.

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Wash the Matchstick Off



Wash the Matchstick Off

The message at the end of a dream

An embrace from the universe

Grace from above

Saying harsh judgement from others

Need not be my compass

Saying inward judgment held too long

Is to be washed away

Rinsed clean

No longer to be present

No holding on through habits

Or Familiarity

Fresh start

Fresh perspective






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Destiny Haiku



Oh me, oh my, phew
I made it through a long while
Now destiny waits.

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Dream Flood

Gippsland floods


Memories flood dreams
May seem like a nightmare but
The message can lead.

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Blizzard Haiku




Snowstorm blew all day
Morning after fed the birds
Flocks are feasting now.

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Two Daughter Dungeon Dance


dungeon dance

Like ants crawling over a carcass

Or gulls swooping in for a morsel

They came

Not in a colony or flock

Just two

Daughters on the edge

Unable to carry the weight of transition

The clinging to normalcy

The security in surroundings

Decision to dismiss

Mother dungeon bound.

Now death has that chapter ended

What lingers is the Denial Dance.

On the anniversary of my mom transported to a nursing home on the bad list. My mother was crushed. The decision created a hurricane of deceit and thievery; theirs to remember and justify.

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